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Haste is a game of speed where you compete with others from around the world in exchange for Bitcoins.


After selecting a price level, and clicking play, an orange circle will appear on the screen in a random position. A timer starts as soon as the circle appears. Once you click the circle the timer stops and you are presented your score in milliseconds.

The object of the game is to see how fast you can click the circle once it appears.  If you post a good time, you'll find yourself on the leaderboard where you earn Bitcoin from other players in realtime.

Hint:  At the top of the play area you will notice the above icon. Beat the score next to it and you are in the money!


The most exciting and fun part about playing Haste, besides the competition with friends?... Getting paid in realtime! Haste was built with a simple goal in mind, demonstrate the power of BSV micro-transactions in a way that is easy to feel and understand for the average person that doesn't care about fancy words like "crypto" or "blockchain".

There are two ways to get paid with Haste:

  1. Place on the leaderboard

  2. Friend Referrals


In the game of Haste, there are 6 different levels (or divisions) you can compete at, each of which has a cost per play price associated.

In The Money

Earnings paid out every game.

Fair Competition

Every play is timestamped and recorded securely on the BSV public blockchain for transparency.


Use your referral link to refer friends and family to Haste. When your referrals play, you earn 10% of their daily distribution of HST tokens.

Notice To Bots 🤖

If a bot, or any other programmatic software, is detected attempting to play the game, the associated account and Handcash user will be banned from the platform immediately and without question.

In short. Compete fairly or not at all. Guessing is also discouraged and scores below 300ms may be disqualified.

Available On Mobile Phone Only

Scan With Your Phone To Play

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