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Jump "3 Round" Free Roll

Sponsored by Gorilla Pool

Haste Arcade's first "Free Roll" tournament brought to you by our friends at Gorilla Pool. Register and play for free to win $100 in cash prizes.

$100 Guaranteed Prizes

Players Registered

12 of 25

Tournament Details

Free Roll

When: Thursday March 31st, 2022

Eligible Play Time:  12:00AM - 11:59PM (EST)

Game: Jump

Rules:  To submit scores, simply play 3 rounds of Jump, on any level, during the eligible play time. The first 3 scores you submit during this time will determine your position on the leaderboard. Practice up and make em count! 

  • You must have a Haste Arcade account.

  • You must have the HandCash app installed on your mobile device.

Prize Pool:

1st -> $20
2nd - 10th -> $5

11th - 20th -> $2

21st - 35th -> $1

no entry fee


*Scores can be submitted on any leaderboard, including free practice plays!

Enter the $handle you will be using and then scan the QR code with the HandCash mobile app.


Enter a valid $handle (without the $)

Can't Scan? Click Here
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