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Haste is the world's first ILP Arcade™ and Developer SDK.

What Is an "ILP" Arcade?

Invented and made popular by Haste's founding team, an ILP Arcade™ is an arcade with ILP Games™.  ILP means "Instant Leaderboard Payout", and is what makes games within the Haste Arcade truly unique.  Games built using Haste's patent-pending ILP technology, enable players all around the world to earn real-time peer-to-peer payments for simply placing on a game's leaderboard.

Coin in... Coins out.

Imagine going to your local arcade, inserting 25 cents into the gaming console, posting a high score on the Pac-Man leaderboard, and then getting paid 2.5 cents every time subsequent players play the game but fail to beat your score. Now consider holding a top score in a global online arcade where millions of daily players are playing the game but failing to beat your score, and earning 2.5 cents per play. This is a “game changer”. This is Haste Arcade.

Developer SDK

We are building a first-class SDK and REST API that makes deploying games to the Haste Arcade a breeze.  You focus on building the game, we'll take care of the rest:

  • Leaderboard Management

  • User Auth

  • Payouts

  • And more!

Earn HST With Each Play

HST are fungible tokens native to the BSV blockchain and are earned by simply playing games within the Haste Arcade.  Each day, 43,835 HST tokens are issued, on a pro-rata basis, to gamers that post gameplay transactions to the blockchain.  POW!

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